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Imagine such a situation: you deposited a sum of money to any copy trading platform. Linked an API key. Subscribed to a trader’s strategy. And suddenly you are in substantial drawdown. The strategy is not making deals. Your income drops to 0. Your balance might even shrink a bit. Whose fault is it? Trader? Market? You? Fate?

Thanks to Universe, we have such an amazing feature in our head— critical thinking. Let’s take a deep breath and start analyzing. Have a thorough look at what’s the reason for your autumn season trouble.


  • you’ve done everything in the right way
  • professional traders doesn’t trade at all
  • your account is secure, so hacking is cut out

Here we go, ladies and gentlemen. It’s a Market’s fault.

What’s wrong with the market of cryptocurrencies?

To disclose essential information towards the market, we asked Dyanis Zabauski, CEO of crypto copy trading platform Coinmatics, to comment on the current situation:

Altcoin season is coming to an end. The spot trading is extremely slow, there are no good entry points to trade, and many strategies are standstill. So, traders are influenced by the market environment and it’s hard to predict how long the slowdown is going to last.

Сopy trading is an entrance for beginners to the market, indeed. The concept is so simple: you copy the actions of professional traders and get profit with them.

Check out our new platform:

One time you come up with an idea to use copy trading as a variant of your investment. Obviously, all investors want to get as much as possible out of their money. They think: “Bigger deposit = higher risks = large profit.” A good analogy with Marketing Department came to my mind:

A story about the bad marketing department

Sometimes increasing deposits can be a good option. To be a successful crypto copy trader, you need to have enough money on your exchange wallet. This ensures that all trades are being copied successfully. But anyway there are other ways to increase your return on investments.

Today we will figure out what are the pitfalls in crypto copy trading and how to get the most out of your investments. …

One of Coinmatics company postulates says: “We’re building a product for ourselves and use it every day!” Sounds pretentious? Not at all. It is true, and today we’ll convince you.

One of the Coinmatics workers shared her copy trading story (btw, thousand thanks to her!).

Welcome to read her crypto copy trading story!

“I have been working at copy trading platform Coinmatics for several months. Every day I watched the team passionately nurture their product. And, despite my personal prejudices about the cryptocurrency world, I realized that it’s time to try cryptocurrency copy trading “on my wallet”. So, let me share my personal Coinmatics review!

I am not a professional trader, so I acted carefully and measuredly. I started with proven automatic copy trading. As the saying goes: “the ability to do something yourself begins with imitation.

“We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve”. (Bill Gates)

Once our Customer Support member shared a story in work chat about a user. She said: ”He made my day!” and sent the screenshot below:

I think it’s quite important to get the praises from your customers. This small detail brightened our working day — as far as I remember on this very day we implemented a new feature.

Talking on feedback topic, Coinmatics company fully understands that customers’ words is one of the most important things for your business. It helps improve product, marketing, operations, and so much more. Feedback is our fuel to move forward and excel at what we do.

That’s why today we decided to accumulate some notable words from our customers with various experience.

First, let’s focus on cryptocurrency traders who interacted with our product.

Small note: crypto traders make money on their professionalism. They use our platform as a place to share their strategies and get subscribers who pay for an ability to copy those strategies.

These 5 facts prove that our platform can totally satisfy your needs. Ready, steady, go!

User-friendly interface that is constantly changing

Coinmatics team works on its improvement daily. We collect user opinions and work with analytics to find out about the problems of our users and how to ease the process of copy trading. We are really attentive to details. Coinmatics users don’t need to read long instructions. They just sign in and get profit.

Main page of our website.

Real passive income with minimal risks

Investment operations are always a risk, especially when we talk about volatile currencies. We’ve mitigated the risk by moderating the strategies.

We calculate the rating based on strategy performance since the moment it was added to Coinmatics. Strategies with more stable performance get higher ratings. You can check the trading history of each strategy and therefore make your judgment about the rating. We keep the history open so anyone can make an independent evaluation. …


One time you will start thinking about investing — a new source of your income. In this article, we’ve decided to take crypto copy trading as an example of your future investment opportunity and answer the question below:

Does copy trading really work for beginners? What are the risks? Is it worth it?

Let’s not talk over the concept of copy trading and its mechanisms again. …

Once we were drinking coffee with Coinmatics Support Team at the Zoom meeting. Then we came up with an idea: why not create a list of top 5 most popular questions asked by users and share it?

Let’s go! Check out top 5 questions:

1. Which exchanges can be connected to Coinmatics? Is ‘this one’ available?

Currently, only Binance is available for copy trading. We plan to add Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Poloniex, Bittrex, HitBTC, Exmo in the nearest future.

Nevertheless, these exchanges are already included in our other services: crypto arbitrage, portfolio, analytics, etc.

2. When do you plan to implement futures and margin?

This task has been carried out by our Development Department. …

Imagine that you’re sitting in your comfy chair, drinking green tea, and looking at the laptop screen depicting the page with your Binance wallet. And the money is going up. Marvelous, isn’t it?

You can achieve it by using the simpliest formula:

profitable trading strategy + money deposit + safe copy trading platform (let it be Coinmatics) = constant passive income.

But then smth happens: suddenly there are fewer changes on the exchange balance and you decide to have a look at your Coinmatics copy trading account.

OMG! Success rate of copy trading is less than 50%!

Do not panic. We know how to help you. Firstly, take a nice deep breath. Secondly, open the tab Copy Trading — My Subscriptions. Click on Copied Signals. You need to check if you have any errors in copy trading transactions. …

If you’re here, it means that you want to know the answer to a crucial question: How much does it cost to use Coinmatics platform?

Are there any hidden payments or commissions that in the end will make me poor as a church mouse? And how does Coinmatics earn money to sustain itself?

Let’s start from the end. We as a company take 5% of our traders’ profit on the platform. …

Today we’ve decided not to overload you with guides and updates. You’ve heard so much about Coinmatics as a product itself. But do you know the team behind it?

Sincerely speaking, I planned to interview my colleagues but they were so wrapped up in work. Developers hid behind the monitors and marketers ran away with a bunch of analytics papers. ;)

One day I hope I will be lucky and we will find out what is the favorite ice cream of our team lead Alex.

Where is Coinmatics located?

Our product is international. So is Coinmatics team.

The founder of Coinmatics Denis Zabauski (we’ll definitely have an interview with him someday) has been handpicking the most talented people around the globe. …



Copy Trading Platform for crypto traders. Replicate performance of our successful traders straight on your Binance account.

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