Must read for beginner copy traders/investors!

Imagine such a situation: you deposited a sum of money to any copy trading platform. Linked an API key. Subscribed to a trader’s strategy. And suddenly you are in substantial drawdown. The strategy is not making deals. Your income drops to 0. Your balance might even shrink a bit. Whose fault is it? Trader? Market? You? Fate?

Thanks to Universe, we have such an amazing feature in our head— critical thinking. Let’s take a deep breath and start analyzing. Have a thorough look at what’s the reason for your autumn season trouble.


  • you’ve done everything in the right way
  • professional…

Сopy trading is an entrance for beginners to the market, indeed. The concept is so simple: you copy the actions of professional traders and get profit with them.

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One time you come up with an idea to use copy trading as a variant of your investment. Obviously, all investors want to get as much as possible out of their money. They think: “Bigger deposit = higher risks = large profit.” …


Copy Trading Platform for crypto traders. Replicate performance of our successful traders straight on your Binance account.

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