It’s a dull September day outside. We’ve run out of tea, so we’re passing around the last tea bag. We look at each other: when a start-up starts up…

We laugh and get back to work.

Hello, my name is Ivan. I’m a copywriter. And my first week in Coinmatics has just come to an end. This week, I had an idea to start a blog. A natural one, as I would characterize it, because I will be telling here everything as it is, including all the fails and hardships…

…which we will undoubtedly face. How could we not?

It’s cool that the management understands the advantages of such an approach and don’t fear to be true. Openness and honesty, according to Esquire, are the main trends of the nowadays business world, which grow popular and even start pushing annoying traditional marketing away.

And I, as a copywriter, couldn’t help taking advantage of the opportunity to build up my skills in blogging of the kind.

Anyway, the naturalness rules! At least, until I’ll get the chop for my big mouth.

I have never seen a blog that tells about the company in real-time rather than on a post-facto basis. If you can think of any example, please, let me know in the comments.

Before we start, let’s make clear the hashtags: #start-up, #cryptocurrency,

#crypto_trading, #copy_trading, #Bitcoin, #exchanges.

At the outset, we are going to be talking about cryptocurrency trading and the ways to earn on it.

So, what is Coinmatics?

Coinmatics is a platform for both seasoned traders and complete newbies.

The former can earn on the subscriptions the letter can start trading successfully with neither skills nor experience.

It is possible due to the copy trading service, which enables you to repeat actions after a thriving trader.

For this, the trader registers on our service, his API connects with the database, and all his deals and statistics are now being kept track, displaying on the site.

From the moment on, everyone can check how successful the player is, and whether he’s worth following or not. If the trader fails, the chart shows it. If he earns a profit, it’s visible too, and anyone wishing can subscribe to his channel and start receiving Telegram notifications regarding his deals.

The principle is simple: copy the success.

Thanks to the service you get open and honest statistics on each player.

It seems to be the win-win-win strategy, which is so tempting for a company of any kind.

This is the concept of the start-up.

About office

The main office of Coinmatics is in the complex building named Pekin Gardens (Gardens of Beijing), Moscow.

There is a team of seven at the office: Arkadiy (founder of the company), Denis (co-founder/manger), Alexander (tech manager), Evgeniy and Alexey (software developers), Dima (social media manager), and I (copywriter).

office in Moscow

Besides, there is another office. Support managers, translators, a designer, and the main developer of the project called Alexey work in Minsk.

We can see how the guys are working via a big screen hanging by other screens monitoring the BTC rate.

By now, all the tech job is done, the website is launched; we’re launching the social media campaign, and searching for traders.

During the first week, I have been figuring out what’s what in the world of crypto and trades, for I’m new to it. But it looks like an advantage to me. Sorting everything out myself, I’m trying to tell my target audience about it as honest and simple as possible.

Actually, to everybody. Everyone interested in crypto, trading — or those who just amused by an unfolding of a start-up story — is welcome!

I will be telling here about our current aims and ideas we’re eager to implement.

Subscribe and follow our progress. Stay in tune!

P.S. By the way, we found tea in another wall cabinet later. So, the joke was

premature. :)

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