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So, what have our tech guys already done?

Trader portfolio

That’s where Copy Trading takes the stage. Here, any trader can add a portfolio, and, if the trading deals are successful, the system ranks it high and places it at the top of the list. It means that other participants will be subscribing to such channel to repeat the success.

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Let me spell it out.

If you are a professional trader and want subscriptions:

  • Register on;
  • Add your portfolio to Trader Portfolio and state a subscription price;
  • The service receives your trading stats along with the stats of other traders via an API and forms a rating on the grounds of the data. The rating is public, so if your results are good, people see it and subscribe to your account.

If you are a beginner and you want to copy the best traders’ deals:

  • Register on;
  • Choose one or several best traders in Trader Portfolio;
  • Subscribe to their accounts and start receiving Telegram notifications on the deals;
  • Repeat the deals and make a profit.

Ticker Alerts

It is a notification system reporting about cryptocurrency pairs via Telegram.

How does it work?

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You visit, register, go to Notification, then to Ticker Alerts, and follow the step-by-step instruction given there. Once you set up, and the price reaches the stated level, you will receive a notification about it on your Telegram account.

Manual Arbitrage

It is simple. The service offers the statistics on exchanges and cryptocurrency pairs, highlighting the most profitable of them. There is no need to bounce between different sites; you can keep tracking all the prices in one place now.


Here, you can monitor cryptocurrency pairs.

Price Stats

Here, you can see and analyze stats of a cryptocurrency pair for a particular period. To see how the price of a cryptocurrency was changing, you should just pick a currency and a period (from 1 to 180 days).

My Portfolio

You can add your purses here to track all major operations.

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It’s planned to roll out Copy Trading soon. It will be copying the trades automatically, with no involvement of a subscriber. When things work out, it will be a great feature.

That’s a crypto trader’s set. The idea is to collect everything a trader needs in one place, to create a sort of management and monitoring hub.

We are interested in Europe, Latin America, Russia and Asia.

Our goal is quite simple. We want to become a leading company among those providing similar services.

If you try to find the leader, you will hardly succeed. There is none yet. Which means that it is worth trying.

In the next article, I’ll tell about our first fail and promotion on social media.

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