Coinmatics blog #4 / First Fail

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We consider Telegram to be our main platform. It contains a channel for English-speaking audiences and one for those who speak Russian.

All our content (news, articles, videos) is posted there.

Besides, there are our bots on Telegram, as well.

(@ctt_copy_trading_bot and @ctt_ticker_alerts_bot).

Along with this, we’ve started an Instagram account (@Coinmatics).

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It’s our official page designed for English-speaking audiences. Everything is quite regular. We’ve prepared 20 posts for the first week; entertaining and advertising content are in the ratio of three to one.

It’s planned to create Coinmatics Live, an account for Russian-speaking audience to post stories and videos for IGTV (news, ideas, and just some fun stuff). It will be less formal. We’ll see what comes out.

It’s it. Then, we’ll probably add Vk and LinkedIN.

We also post articles in English on Medium; Russian articles are posted on teletype, at least until we come up with a better idea.

We decided to check the registration and, along with this, to win first users.

For these reasons, we found Telegram channels with the relevant audience via Thanks to the site’s service, we’ve managed to filter the channels with an inauthentic audience, which, in some cases, reaches 100%.

Then Dima, our social media manager, contacted some admins and arranged the placement of 5 advertising posts.

The total budget for the first advertising campaign was 10000 rubles.

There were about 10 variants of the ad. We adjusted the analytical software, and the ad started rolling.

The posts contained the links to the site, and it was our mistake.

We should have brought the traffic to our Telegram channel first so that the target audience would get additional content, subscribe, warm up, and only after that go to the site to perform a conversion action.

Having pushed people direct to, we received just ten sign-ups for 1000 rubles each. Not very profitable. And we lost an opportunity to increase the number of members in our Telegram channels. Long story short, we’ve jumped the gun.

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Although, if we consider the checking of the site to be the aim, it was a success. It turned out that we have a DNS issue, which had prevented some of the visitors form signing up.

That was our first reconnaissance in force ☺

Mind outside experience, develop your own strategies, try them, share the results, and…

…subscribe our channel! We’re just getting started. ☺

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