Coinmatics Blog #5 / There are two in our office.

Today, I’ll show you around the office.

The entrance to the office. I remember the first impression of the door and the corridor: it looks like a hotel. J Later, it turned out that my guess was almost right. These are apartments for rent — some people live here, some people work, so as we do.

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The door opens with a key card.

We leave our clothes in the wardrobe by the door.

Several pictures are hanging on the walls…

Some of them are incomprehensible (like any piece of real art is supposed to be).

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Here is where our management works.

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One string shaman guitar. We always play it when the site crashes. It helps at all times.

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And this is the biggest liar in the whole office — the air conditioner. He’s telling everyone that it is +30 in the room, but it is no more than +18.

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A task board. We completed a video plan yesterday. We’ll soon move on to the implementation of it.

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There is a projector under the ceiling, but it has not been in use yet. Maybe later, we will be running presentations about our achievements all the time.

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A 360 camera hangs by the projector. We can watch the office with the help of it. You can see an amoeba-shaped table on the photo. It is comfortable to work at.

Here are screens with our Minsk office and Bitcoin price charts. The photo holds the moment of the drop to $8,500. People say that it’s going to fall even deeper, up to $7,500, and then surge to the $20,000 level again. The miracles of volatility. We’ll keep watching it.

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A coffee machine, a refrigerator, and a dishwasher are in the kitchen.

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The mobile phone connection is pretty weak in the whole building. And if you have to make a call, you should open the door and start picking up a signal. I don’t know whether it will be like this in winter, but for now, everything is ok.

As soon as Dima laid his eyes on the armchair, he knew that it would be a perfect place to run an Instagram promotion from.

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What is a must for every office? What are we proud of the most?

We have two toilets! One by the entrance, another near the kitchen. It’s very useful and handy. Not everyone is this lucky.

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This is our office, comfortable and cozy. But the main advantage of it is, of course, people who work here. I’ve written about them in one of the previous articles.

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