Coinmatics Blog #6 / A top dog of new crypto trading services

Today is Monday and… What do we have at the beginning of the week?

First of all, Auto-trading has finally been launched.

What is this? This is quite a cool stuff. With its help, a trader can automate the crypto trading process.

I recall, Copy Trading is an instrument with the help of which one trader (as a rule, it’s a beginner) can repeat deals after another trader (experienced one). Before, you had to do it manually: you had been tracking the deals of a trader to replicate them. After that, the trade signal system appeared, and you didn’t need to keep your eyes on the ball anymore — all the necessary information had been coming to your Telegram account.

Auto-trading is the next step; it automates the process completely. Now, all you have to do is to pick a trader from the top of our rating, click the corresponding toggle switch button below the nick-name, and enter the required data.

From the moment on, you will be making profitable deals. You will not need figuring things out and monitoring anything yourself — the service will be doing it instead.

We expect automation to attract both new subscribers and seasoned traders, who will be enjoying a bigger number of subscriptions.

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The list of traders and their statistics. Here, you can subscribe for their deals.

Remarkably, no platform has the function. Cinematics is a pioneer of the field.

Auto-trading has long been tested, set up, and now is finally available in the Copy Trading tab → Trader Portfolio (

Also, we have a telegram channel titled Crypto ARBITRATION; the information about it will soon be added to our website.

The channel is ease arbitrage trading drastically — all the major exchanges are constantly being monitored in search of the most profitable positions. You need just to receive a signal and make a deal. One more digital instrument in the tool set of a cryptocurrency trader.

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An example of trade signals by Crypto ARBITRATION

And also, we have a new staff member.

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A Chihuahua Cooper on the office’s carpet.

I heard a rumor that his presence has something to do with launching of new services. Probably, he’s one of our developers.

It looks like this is it by now.

We will go on telling about our start up, updates, and plans. Stand by!

Register and copy trade our the best traders!

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