The start-up has launched a new service: How do I tell about it?

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The issue is how so I tell about a new product to make its profitability obvious.

No one wants a straightforward ad. We need something more credible, something based on an objective assessment, which is easy to check and make sure: yes, it is so indeed.

We’ve launched Auto-trading, which automates copy trading. Thanks to the service, you can repeat after successful traders, doing literally nothing. It is cool stuff, which makes trades as easy as pie.

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autotrading from one-to-one

How do I make a trader understand the real value of the service?

Everything is relative. Therefore, I’ve compared Auto-trading with the most profitable bank deposit in terms of passive income.

The most profitable bank deposit was taken for comparison.

Here is what we got.

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What type of passive income is more profitable? Auto-trading by Coinmatics or the juiciest bank deposit?

Coinmatics is a cryptocurrency platform enabling copy trading, which is a repetition of trading deals after the best traders. Auto-trading automates the process of copying, making a copy trading as simple as it can be.

To estimate how profitable the service is, we chose another type of passive income to compare. It is a bank deposit.

We’ve looked through the website, searching for the best offer, which turned out to be the best offer of the month, a deposit with an annual rate of 7,6%.

We visit, go to Trader Portfolio, study the stats of the best traders.

The trader under the name of Walter Bulls is ranked first. It has been three months since he registered. During this time, he made 11 deals with an average profit of 4.47%, which makes the overall profit of 21.26%.

The bank deposit provides 1,9% of profit for the same period, according to the simple calculations (7,6/4).

Thus, the results are the following: +21.26% and +1,9%. Auto-trading is 11 times better than the most profitable bank deposit. Pretty impressive, huh?

The important thing is that the income from Auto-trading is as passive as one of the bank deposits: after a simple registration, the application will be copying moves of the best traders by itself, not requiring your supervision.

Moreover, you are not affected by an inflation rate.

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Even a trader who does a first-class job of trading goes through a rough patch sometimes. To avoid such a faith, it is possible to set a level of maximum losses you can sustain before the application atomically stopes copying.

This allows you not to lose profit. You can choose another trader from the top, or come back to the previous one when he is at his best again.

Aside from that, your passive income is in no danger. You earn along with the best players of the cryptocurrency market, but you don’t have to get deep into trading or even keep track of currency rates.

Your savings are stored on an exchange wallet, where the assets are accessible all the time and can be withdrawn at any moment. Otherwise, you have to wait until the term is over.

Here is a way to promote a new service.

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