Three advantages of cryptocurrency trading over traditional trading

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It is possible to earn over short distances on cryptocurrency exchanges. Long-term nature of profit is a feature of traditional trading — traders have to wait weeks, months, and even years for a sharp price uptick that can be lucrative. The explanation is that the traditional exchanges are more stable, and the volatility of the assets on them is relatively low.

The market of cryptocurrencies, on the contrarily, is at the stage of formation and development, with the prices changing so often that experienced traders can make a profit every day.

The important thing is that altcoins should not be overlooked since the main cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, is tending to stabilization due to its popularity, which makes it similar to traditional currencies. Although Bitcoin’s volatility still provides traders with a steady income, it’s worth paying attention to Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, and other highly volatile cryptocurrencies if you’re interested in short selling.

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Cryptocurrency exchanges are functional and operational 24/7, while, say, Forex is available for trading only Monday to Friday, which means that you’re sitting idle during day-offs.

Be particularly attentive on Sunday and Saturday.

According to Bloomberg, almost 40% of the growth was seen during day-offs this year.

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With the help of modern services, you can automate your cryptocurrency trading income. It has become possible thanks to customization of copy trading imported to modern IT-platforms.

The instrument replicates trade operations after a seasoned trader without your involvement. If you are an experienced trader yourself, you can get extra income on subscriptions with the auto-trading service.

Coinmatics represents a technological platform for efficient cryptocurrency trading, which provides professional traders with an additional profit and their subscribers with an opportunity of passive income.

The service is forming a transparent rating of best crypto traders that ensures functionality of the copy trading system.

Two modes of following are available: manual (with Telegram notifications) and automated (auto-trading).

Moreover, you can use all spectrum of instruments by Coinmatics for successful crypto trading: arbitrage monitoring of cryptocurrency pairs, cryptocurrency market statistics, instruments of analysis.

Use all advantages of crypto trading to start earning as much as possible.

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